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Hairy, demonic figure with the appearance of a goat, translating a Hebrew term otherwise translated “hairy” or “male goat.” Bible students differ in interpreting passages as to whether a demonic figure or a normal animals is meant. Israelites apparently sacrificed to such desert-dwelling demons, since they had to have a law forbidding such sacrifice (Lev 17:7). Some have even interpreted the scapegoat rites (Lev 16:20-22) as sending Israel’s sin back to their author, a desert demon with a different name from that Continue reading DEFINITION OF THE DAY (SADITE)



This imagery of a white stone has been explained in various ways by interpreters: as a badge of acquittal in a legal case, as an expression of welcome by a host to his guest, or as a voting token used by a voter to indicate his choice of a candidate. Continue reading A STONE FOR THE WINNER

Ever Read the Bible All of the Way Through?

Man Reading Bible

That’s a great question! One that many Christians haven’t much thought about! In fact, the vast majority of Christians have never even considered it, let alone done it.
That’s about to change for many of them!
The reason is because of a new reading program called “Through the Bible . . . as It Happened!” It re-arranges the Bible material into a chronological format. That means the events are re-arranged so the reader reads them in the order they occurred – much like a novel. The normal way the Bible is arranged is “themed.” That means the material is all put together according to subject, not according the when it happened.

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Matthew, atuthor of the Gospel of Matthew, was a Jewish citizen who collector taxes from his countrymen for the Roman government. After Jesus called Matthew to become one of His disciples, Matthew invited some of his tax collector friends to his home for a metal with Jesus and His other disciples. Continue reading BIBLE CUSTOMS AND CURIOSITIES (EATING WITH TAX COLLECTORS)