PROVERBS 16:27 MS- Mean people spread mean gossip; their words smart and burn. 

It doesn’t take much effort to say something about someone that you have no proof is true. You could make it up or tell others something you heard.

If you wanted to know how lightbulbs were invented,  you could make up a story or ask around and get a maybe-that’s-true story. Here’s a creative idea: Why not go to a qualified source to get your information? You might feel a little awkward if you’ve been telling people that a guy named Jimmy discovered the lightbulb hovering over him when he had his first good idea.

If that sounds ridiculous, so is gossip, and God tells us not to do it.

Gossip is a sin, and it’s not a smaller sin in God’s eyes than lying, cheating, stealing, or murder.

Even if the only sin ever committed was gossip, we’d still need the perfect sacrifice of Jesus to pay the price.

Every sin is a big deal. God’s forgiveness is a bigger deal. Obedience is our best response.

TEEN PRAYER- Dear God, there are a lot of things I should skip talking about. When I share stories that I’ve not been given permission to discuss, then I’m essentially finding opportunity to point out the faults of others when I have no idea if what I’m saying is true. Help me stop gossip. Amen.