We know, of course, that sex involves the body, the physical component of our being. A sexual relationship is the most intimate physical bond that can exist between two human beings, as a man and woman use their bodies to express their love and appreciation for one another. All five physical sense are involved:

Seeing- The physical charms of your loved one.

Hearing-Your mate’s words of endearment and desire.

Smelling-The scent or fragrance that uniquely belongs to your mate.

Tasting-The sweetness of each kiss.

Feeling-The caresses of your loved one’s hands.

A sexual encounter is probably the most remarkable experience any person can enjoy on this earth, because it involves every aspect of the physical self. Sexual intimacy is more than the bringing together of sexual organs, more than the reciprocal sensual arousal of both partners, more even than mutual fulfillment in orgasm. It is the experience of sharing and self-abandon in the merging of two persons, expressed by the biblical phrase “to become one flesh.” They are referring to one the most candid statements God’s Word ever made about sex. It comes just after the Bible tells us how God created woman as a “fit helper” for the man:

Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh. (Gen 2:24)

In other words, the physical tie of a man and woman through sex is even stronger than the physical tie of a child to his parent. The bond of sexual intimacy takes a higher priority than the affection you have for your father or mother. So far as God is concerned, a man and woman who enter into sexual union have become “one flesh”- they are one physical person. And if you must choose between honoring your parents or honor your mate, God makes it crystal-clear that your mate comes first. Many marriages fall apart because one or both mates fail to realize this! They are unwilling to put Mom or Dad in the proper place, below husband or wife. But God’s Word says that a person who marries should leave his or her parents and set up housekeeping somewhere else. A house isn’t big enough for two men, and it’s not big enough for tow women. If you want to have sexual relations with someone, you ought to get married; and if you are to get married you ought to leave your parents and find a place of your own. That’s the only way you can have physical intimacy.