EXODUS 34:14 NLT – You must worship no other gods, for the LORD, whose very name is Jealous, is a God who is jealous about his relationship with you. 

There was this girl I really wanted to be friends with. She was just cool, you know? Great personality, fun to be around, caring, and everything I wanted to be. And we did become friends, but I was really insecure about our relationship. I always felt like I cared more about our friendship than she did.So I became jealous for her attention. I wanted her praise, affirmation, and time more than anyone else’s-even God’s I put her on a pedestal and looked to her for my needs, which she could never fulfill.

Who do you put on a pedestal? Who are you wrongly praising, elevating, and idolizing? In other words, whose time and attention do you jealously want? It’s really easy to slip our eyes off Jesus and look to other humans to meet the relational needs only God can fill. Just as we grow jealous for other people’s attention, God grows jealous for ours. He wants to be-and is the only-Who can fully be everything you need.

Lord, I look to You and You alone to complete me, fulfill me, and love me. You are the perfect friend. You’re always there, all the time. I’m sorry for depending on others for love and acceptance instead of looking to You. Amen.