You know well enough from you own experience that there are some acts of so-called freedom that destroy freedom. Offer yourselves to sin, for instance, and it’s your last free act. But offer yourselves to the ways of God and the freedom never quits. Romans 6:16 MSG

Habits bring freedom or slavery, life or death, satisfaction or discontentment. Some habits start early and last a lifetime. Others can result from the devastating pressure of others.

Some people have no interest in helping you achieve God’s plan. If other people know you want to follow God, they may consider it an achievement to see you stumble. Once you go back on your word to God, it can be hard to return. God forgives, but wants you to turn away from sin. It’s hard to see God when you’re too ashamed to look His direction.

Habits from when you refuse to admit you’re wrong. This spiritual baggage gets harder to carry with each passing day.

      Dear God, no matter how many times I fail, help me turn back to You immediately. Help me seek You immediately when I make bad choices. Amen.