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LUKE 11:1-4 This model prayer for Jesus’ disciples is similar to the one in the Sermon on the Mount (Mt 6:9-13), but much shorter. Apparently, the disciples were motivated to learn to pray by both Jesus’ example and that of John the Baptist and his disciples. It was unusual for Jews to refer to God as Father. Such an address would seem too personal and familiar. Even though Luke emphasized the offer of the kingdom of God (4:43) and the nearness of the kingdom in

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Mark 9:42 – Jesus has emphasized that receiving lowly persons in Christ’s name means receiving him (read v 37). Now he warns against causing such people who believe in me to sin, that is, to lead them to disbelief or to transgression of God’s moral laws. Any who do this will receive severe punishment from. God (thrown into the sea). This warning applies to anyone who would seek to destroy the faith of a child or a new Christian.

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