1:12-13 The same Spirit who descended on Jesus at His baptism now drove Him into the wilderness. “Drove” is an strong term used for the driving out of demons (vs 34,39; 3:15,22,23;6:13; 7:26; 9:18,28,38) and other forced expulsions (5:40; 9:47; 12:8). In the

wilderness 40 days recalls Israel’s testing for 40 years as well as Moses’ (Deut 9:18) and Elijah’s (1 King 19:8) 40-day wilderness fasts. The angels began to serve Him is in the imperfect tense. This may indicate that they ministered to Jesus in unstated ways throughout His temptation, though He was not fed until the end (Matt 4:11). Angels also ministered to Elijah during his 40-day wilderness fast (1 King 19:1-8).

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