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The ten plagues were direct attacks against the false gods of Egypt. The following table shows a possible pairing, among many, of plagues and Egyptian gods. However it might have been, it is certain that God was showing that Pharaoh was a false god. Only the LORD is God, and only he is in control of creation, including Egypt.

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Piece of furniture for resting the feet, especially for one seated on a throne (2 Chron 9:18; James 2:3). The footstool of Tutankhamen of Egypt was carved with pictures of his enemies. Other Pharaohs were portrayed with their feet on their enemies’ heads. The footstool thus became a symbol for dominion. God is pictured as a king enthroned in heaven with the earth as His footstool (Isa 66:1; Matt 5:35). In Ps 99:5 and Lam 2:1 it is difficult to determine with  certainty whether God’s footstool is the ark, the temple, or Zion (Isa 60:13, Ezek 43:7). Only 1 Chron 28:2 is an unambiguous reference to the ark as a resting place for God’s feet. Continue reading DEFINITION OF THE DAY “FOOTSTOOL”