The ten plagues were direct attacks against the false gods of Egypt. The following table shows a possible pairing, among many, of plagues and Egyptian gods. However it might have been, it is certain that God was showing that Pharaoh was a false god. Only the LORD is God, and only he is in control of creation, including Egypt.

1.EXODUS 7:14-25Water turning to blood was a direct attack against the Egyptian god Hapi.
The Egyptians relied on Hapi, their god of the Nile, and they probably called
on him to provide fresh water. In the end, only God could return the Nile to
what it was.
2.EXODUS 8:1-15Frogs were important to Egypt as long they were under control. When God
cause frogs to overtake the land, it seemed Heqt, the Egyptian god of the frogs,
had lost control of his frogs. Only God could save Egypt from this infestation.
3.EXODUS 8:16-19Gnats or Lice swarmed the banks of the Nile. When the gnats/lice became too
much to handle, the Egyptian might have called upon Kheper, their insect
god, to save them. He could not, so once again, only God could redeem
4.EXODUS 8:20-32Flies carried diseases. The Egyptians believed that Kheper protected them
from these disease-ridden insects. When God caused flies to take over Egypt,
the Egyptians probably prayed to Kheper. Only God could end this crisis.
5EXODUS 9:1-7Cattle were supposed to be controlled by Apis, the Egyptian bull god. In this
plague, all the Egyptian cattle died, but all the Israelite cattle lived. The
Egyptians might have prayed to Apis, but he could not save their cattle.
6.EXODUS 9:8-12Boils covered the Egyptians, so they probably called on their god of medicine,
Imhotep, Once again the boils and did not go away, and God proved his
power over Imhotep showing all of Egyptian that Israel’s God is the only true
7.EXODUS 9:13-35Hail and fire destroyed the Egyptian crops. The Egyptians might have called
on Nut, their goddess of the sky, to stop raining destruction on them. Like
before, Israel’s God, the only true god, could stop this plague.
8.EXODUS 10:1-20Locusts infested Egypt and destroyed their crops. The Egyptians probably
called on Seth, their god of the crops, to help them. It was becoming clear
now that the gods of Egypt were losing to the God of Israel.
9.EXODUS 10:21-29Darkness overcame Egypt in this plague. Ra was the chief god of Egypt and
was represented by the sun. Ra did nothing to help Egypt because he does not
exist. God’s triumph over Ra should have humbled Pharaoh, but it didn’t.
10.EXODUS 11:1-9The Firstborn Sons were killed in this plague. Pharaoh was considered a god
in Egypt, and so was his son. When Pharaoh’s firstborn son died. God was
proving He is more powerful than Pharaoh. With this, Pharaoh finally relented.

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  1. The ten plagues of Egypt foreshadow the seven last plagues in Revelation.
    In Egypt, the seven last plagues fell only on the Egyptians.
    In Revelation, the seven last plagues fall only on the lost.

    (Sadly this will include many professed Christians who preferred doctrines for their itching ears rather than putting their trust in the Word of God.)

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