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The name of God holds an important key to understanding the doctrine of God and the doctrine of revelation. The name of God is a personal disclosure and reveals His relationship with His people. His name is known only because He chooses to make it known. To the Hebrew mind God was both hidden and revealed, transcendent and immanent. Even though He was mysterious, lofty, and unapproachable, He bridged the gap with mankind by revealing His name. Continue reading DEFINITION OF THE DAY (NAMES OF GOD)



The word most often translated eagle occurs in both the Old and New Testaments. And while it may not appeal to our more obvious notions of the regal appearance of eagles, the word used for these soaring, majestic creatures can also refer to vultures. In truth, particularly when observed from a distance, the flight patterns and other behaviors of eagles and vultures are fairly similar. The traits of these birds, which are used for symbolic purpose, have little to do with appearance. God certainly gave to both eagles and vultures certain abilities that provoke us to envy as we watch these feathered marvels sense the thermal lifts and ride the air currents- Continue reading BIBEL SIGNS AND SYMBOLS (EAGLE/VULTURE)