DOG – Considered an unclean animal; often wild, scavenger animal that ran in packs (Pss 22:16-22; 59:6) but sometimes kept as domestic pet. Dogs served as watchdogs for herds (Isa 56:10; Job 30:1) and for the dwelling (Exod 11:7). Some were training for hunting (Ps 22:16), but some ran stay in the streets (Exod 22:30; 1 Kings 14:11).       Metaphorically, “dog” was a term of contempt (1 Sam 17:43) and self-abasement (1 Sam 24:14), “Dog” may refer to a male cult prostitute (Deut 23:18), though the exact meaning of ‘dog’s wages” is disputed. The term “dog” was a designation for the wicked (Isa 56:10-11). The prophet insulted the priests by saying their sacrifices were no better than breaking a dog’s neck and sacrifice are not needed in a the new age and that the priests had neglected their first task, that or determining God’s will.

Jesus used dogs to teach people to be discriminating in whom they chose to teach (Matt 7:6). In Mark 7:27, Jesus probably was refereing to the small dogs that people kept as pets. Jews contemptuously called Gentiles “dogs.” Paul insulted his Judaizing opponents, calling them dogs (Phil 3:2; 2 Pet 2:22; Rev 22:15).

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