KJV term for woman as a helper precisely adapted to man (Gen 2:18). Modern translations supply various equivalents: help suitable for him (NASB, NIV); help as his partner (NRSV); a suitable companion for him (TEV). The noun translated “help” or “partner” does not suggest subordination. Elsewhere the term is used of God as Help (1 Chorn 12:18; Psa 30:10; 54:4; 121:1)

or of military allies (Jer 47:4; Nah 3:9). The adjective “meet” (translated “suitable,” “comparable,” or “corresponding”) stresses that woman, unlike the animals (Gen 2:20), can be truly one with man (2:24), that is, enjoy full fellowship and partnership in humanity’s God-given task (Gen 1:27-28) of rule and dominion.

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