HUNGER- Strong need or desire for food. Scripture contains haunting pictures of hunger. Isaiah 29:8 uses the image of a hungry person dreaming of eating only to awake hungry again. In Lam 4:9 those who fell by the sword are reckoned better off than those pierced by hunger. Hunger frequently takes on a theological significance. Exodus 16:3 recounts Israel’s complaint that Moses led them from Egypt to kill them with hunger in the desert. 

God used this experience of hunger to humble the rebellious people and to teach them to hunger for His word (Deut 8:3). Hunger was one penalty of disobedience of covenant obligations. (Deut 28:48; 32:24). The cessation of hunger is frequently associated with God’s salvation. Hannah anticipated God’s reversing the fortunes of the hungry (1 Sam 2:5; Luke 6:21, 25). Isaiah promised that those returning from exile would not be plagued by hunger (49:10). Ezekiel picture God as providing for the needs of God’s sheep so there would be no hunger (34:29). Part of these blessedness of the redeemed of Rev 7:16 is the end of their hunger.

In Matt 5:6 Jesus spoke of those who hunger and their for righteousness, that is, those who earnestly desire to see God’s will become a reality. In John 6:35 Jesus promised that anyone who came to Him not hunger but would be satisfied.



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