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      1835-24-Bible-verses-to-deal-a-blow-against-lazinessSLOTHFUL-Loose, undisciplined, Hebrew term can refer to a bow not strung or equipped with an arrow for action (Ps 78:57; Hos 7:16). A similar or related Hebrew root describes a loose tongue or mind as deceitful (Job 13:7; 27:4; Pss 32:2; 52:4; Mic 6:12). The slothful person cannot lead but becomes subjected to another’s rule (Prov 12:24; 10:4; 19:15). God’s work must not be done in such a spirit (Jer 48:10). A second Hebrew term refers to that which is difficult, heavy, or hindered and indicates foolish laziness or       Continue reading DEFINITION OF THE DAY “SLOTHFUL”