Today, in the high schools and colleges, the students are taught the investigative approach in the physical  sciences. They  are taught not to accept without evidence any ideas or one needs to examine the evidences to see, “Is there really a God?”


     I graduated from Purdue University in the field of biochemistry. The various chemistry courses helped me to understand the basic constituents of the planet earth. The biology courses gave background in the plant and animal sciences. The periodic table listing all the known elements begins with the simplest element hydrogen. Never in all the classes I attended doth in high school and college, did I ever have a professor attempts to explain the origin of any of these elements found on the periodic table, not even the simplets element, hydrogen. My point is that geologists and those in related fields NEVER begin their discussion of origins by explaining how hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, etc, suddenly appear from nothing (a vacuum). They simply try to avoid the subject or state that matter has always existed. This is a dodge that again violates known scientific laws.


     Recently an article appeared in the Washington Post which revealed that the expansion of the universe has created a headache for the “big bang” theorist. The big bang theory is a hypothesis that suggests that there was a huge explosion of matter about 10 billion years ago. The proponents of this theory continue to state the cosmos as we see it today is the result of that explosion and that the universe has cycled (explosion, expansion, gravitational contraction, explosion, etc.) for eons. The problem is best stated by the article itself:

“In the past 30 years, astronomers have been able to account in the stars and galaxies they see for only 3 percent of the mass or matter that would have had to be present at the time of Creation to explain the size of the universe and the way it seems to be expanding. The other 97 percent always has been called the “missing mass.’ ”

Robert Jastrow noted astronomer of Dartmouth, and NASA states, “This is missing mass is one of the great mysteries of science, because until it is found, scientists cannot demonstrate how the explosion of creation could occur more than once. . .It is an interesting psychological fact. . .in effect, we have proven the existence of God if you don’t watch your language. A layman would put it that way, and I like to put it that way because it’s humbling.”

The reason scientist have pursued the theory of continious cycling is because of the law of entrophy. This law (also called the second law of thermodynamics) states that the universe is running down. The energy loss (demonstrated in laboratory experiments) cannot be regained. Therefore, had the universe existed from eternity everything would now be at absolute zero. This means that everything would now be at its coldest temperature, where energy is no longer being released. Scientists are attempting to probe into space to look for enough matter to confirm that eventually gravitation will pull the entire universe back into one huge mass that will again explode and form another universe. Again the unanswered question is “Where did the mass originate and what caused the explosion?”


     Remember a theory is a hypothesis-idea not yet proven to be a fact. All theories promoted always assume the existence of matter from eternity, either in the form of energy or as a cosmic dust or molten mass. Note some of the theories our children are being taught today in our public school systems:

Nebular Hypothesis – States that there was a mass in space which contracted and began to rotate faster and faster thus throwing of chunks into space that became the creation.

Contradiction: It avoids the source of matter, the fact that old galaxies and new galaxies are intermixed in space (they should get older as one would move away from the source), and the fact that the planets in our own solar system are not all spinning the same way nor are they in the same orbit disproves this theory.

For example almost all the planets in our solar system spin counterclockwise except Venus, it spins clockwise. The moons of Mars rise in the West and set in the East. Matter thrown off a common source will not behave in this manner.’

Planetesimal – Two stars nearly collided in space. The gravitational force of each pulled off chucks of matter which became our cosmos.

Contradiction: Same as the contradictions listed under the Nebular Hypothesis.

Continuous Generation – Matter is continuously being created in the cosmos.

Contradiction: The theory suggests that matter is “popping” into existence from noting even at this present time. Even though we possess the best telescopes no one has ever identified a new generation of matter being born.

Quasi Statal – Matter has always existed and has undergone changed from one form to another.

Contradiction: The second law of thermodynamics (law of entropy) simply stated says that the universe is running down and as it is doing that it is loosing energy which cannot be recovered or reused. Lab experiment have proven this to be a fact. Because of the second law of thermodynamics many scientist refer to the beginning of matter as the “day” of creation.

The Bible – Genesis 1:1 “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth”

Contradiction: None.


       I have had stated to me on several occasions. “I don’t believe in God because of evolution.” When one states this it is obvious that they are not understanding evolution and are confusing it with what is called the theory of evolution.

Evolution is defined as change. For example, God has darkened the skin of people living near the Equator to protect them from skin cancer caused by the suns rays. This is an example of evolution. The basketball players are much taller today than they were twenty years ago. Again, environment and diet have played a major roll in this very rapid change. This is not to be confused with what scientists call the theory of evolution.

The theory of evolution is an idea or guess that all living things are the result of a common primitive ancestor. Anthropologist have tried to find the missing links to confirm their tree of evolution, yet their search has been in vain.

If indeed the theory of evolution was true, there should be abundant proof of a gradual evolution from the lower form fossilized shell and other hard parts of animals uncovered in the search for proof of the theory.


      College instructors often have to be honest when confronted with obstacles presented when the “spade” does not confirm their preconceived ideas concerning the fossil record. One noted scholar in the field of earth sciences has said, “Biochemical and astronomical studies provide a foundation for hypotheses concerning the origin of life, but we must turn to the preserved fossil record for direct evidence of past life on earth. . .it is strange that fossil evidence for animal life begins abruptly only 600 million years ago. And it is still more puzzling that the first abundant animal fossils are not primitive forms, but advanced invertebrates such as trilobites and brachiopods.” McAlester, A. Lee. The History of Life. Prentice Hall, 1968 p. 12, 13.

This book is telling us that scientists are discovering that the first evidence for life appears abruptly and that the fossils are not supporting the Theory of Evolution because they are too advanced in their structures. The conclusion must be that the evidence thus far gathered demands a Creator.


      Since there is no way to explain the existence of the universe, the origin of life, and the establishment of moral codes without a higher power, the intellectually honest person must conclude that there is a God. But who is the Creator and has he communicated with mankind? The answer is yes. Why did the Creator communicate with his creation? There is only one book in the world that adequately answers these questions. It is called the Bible. The skeptic will say, “How do you know the Bible is the Word of God? Let us examine its content to see if it does stand up under investigation.


      There is only one book in history that reflects Divine or God inspired qualities- The Bible. Note following subjects discussed in the Bible and how they reflect divine guidance.

Job 26:7 “He hangeth the earth upon nothing” This was written nearly 3000 years before Columbus sailed the Atlantic. The scholars in Columbus’ day believed the earth to be flat, not suspended in space as a globe.

Isaiah 40:22 “He sitteth upon the circle of the earth 750 B.C. How did Isaiah know the earth was round?

Leviticus 11 this chapter lists the exact animals that carry disease in their flesh if not properly cooked will cause trichinosis, pork worm, and other hard-to-kill parasites. Bacteriology is of recent origin; how did Moses know exactly what animals to avoid, 1500 B.C.

Leviticus 13 The practice of quarantine for the sick having communicable discussion .

Psalm 8:8 Oceans have natural paths. David had never seen an ocean, yet he made a statement wholly accurate. 1000 B.C.

Genesis 15:5 The starts are numberless. This has been confirmed recently by use of powerful telescopes. How did Moses know this? 1500 B.C.


      The Bible is accurate completely in its description of past nations, geographic locations, and another unique area prophesy. Note the following Old Testament scriptures as they describe an individual later revealed as Jesus Christ.

Isaiah 7:14 A virgin would conceive a son who would be called Immanual, meaning God with us. See John 1:1, 14 and Matthew 1:23. Isaiah wrote about 750 B.C.

Isaiah 53 Gives a description of Jesus showing how he was rejected by men (v 3) and intentionally allowed to die through God’s plan to save man from his sin (v 4), He did not attempt to defend himself physically or verbally (v. 7). He was numbered with transgressors (v. 12). Later we learn he hung between two thieves. Also, he was buried with the rich (v 9). See Matthew 27:57, 60.

Psalm 22 Here it is so vividly describes Jesus’ death. Verse 16 tells how they had pierced his hand and his feet and verse 18 tells how they gambled for his garments. 1000 B.C.

Zechariah 11:12, 13-He was sold for 30 pieces of silver and the money was used to buy a potters field. 520 B.C. Psalm 16:9 (cf Acts 2:31) Shows that Jesus had raised from the dead. See 1 Corinthians 15:1-7.

Conclusion: The Bible accurately describes Jesus’ birth, death, burial, resurrection, and even records his position as an intercessor, (Isaiah 53:12). These characteristics are very clearly described in the New Testament. The one who came from heaven to earth and ascended back again as a man, will someday return to take those who accept these events as factual and become Christians, back to heaven to be with him for eternity, (1 Thessalonians 4:13-17).

Why did we have a visitor from outer space? Because man sins, being tempted, Deity became human to experience temptation also, However 4:15. Now as both God, Hebrews 1:8 and man; Timothy 2:5, he is able to intercede for those who follow him. Jesus asked his followers to go preach the gospel, the good news of his death to pay for man’s sin, his burial in a tomb and his victory over the grave. This shows us Christians will have victory over death, (1 Corinthians 15:20-28). Those who believe this message are told to repent (change our mind to bring it in harmony with God’s teaching) and to be immersed in water (reanact the death burial and resurrection) and then God would erase from his mind all past sins and add the person to Jesus’ church, Acts 2:38-47.


      No one is ever forced into accepting God’s teaching as truth. In fact the Bible teaches that most will reject the gospel, (Matthew 7:13, 14) and consider it foolish, (1 Corinthians 1:18-24).

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