Manger –  A feedingtrough, crib, or open box in a stable designed to hold fodder for livestock. In Bible times, mangers were made of clay mixed with straw or from stones cemented with mud. In structures built by King Ahab at Megiddo, a manger cut from a limestone block was discovered. Mangers were also carved in natural outcroppings of rock,

such as livestock being stabled in a cave; some were constructed of masonry.

Scriptures on manger’s

Luke 2:7

Luke 2:12

Luke 13:15


Manna- The food that God provided miraculously for the Israelites in the wilderness during their Exodus.

Scriptures on manna

Exodus 16:15,31,33

Numbers 11:6-9

Deuteronomy 8:3

Deuteronomy 8:16

John 6:31

Hebrews 9:4


Mantle- A covering such as a robe

Scriptures on mantle’s

2 Kings 2:8

Judges 4:18

1 Samuel 15:27

1 Kings 19:13

Ezra 9:3

Job 1:20


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