In our eclectic, pluralistic era, it may sound arrogant to claim that God forgives sins by one way only, and that one person only-Jesus-speaks the truth about God. How can Christians be so exclusive?

Many churches today, asking that very question, have decided not to be so exclusive, and have agreed to honor and respect the different faiths as valid in themselves. It’s one thing to honor the faith commitments of a person, and quite another to respect that faith system as equal in value to the Bible’s message. Here’s the place to draw the line.

Christians surely do believe (because the Bible clearly teaches) that salvation is found in Jesus alone, and that all people are called to serve and worship Jesus as Lord. No alternatives. No second-bests.

Christians are also called to respects people of other faiths. Yes, to pray for them, serve them in love, and witness to them about the truth. But also to respect their dignity, understand their traditions, and afford them the space for decision making that genuine faith requires.

It is arrogant to reserve for Christians alone the respect, friendship, and dignity that all people deserve. It is obedient to reserve for Jesus alone the worship, dedication, and trust that He alone deserves.

Acts 4:12 – 12 Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.

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