Title for Christ (Eph 4:15; Col 1:18). In Ephesians, the metaphor of Christ as head of His body, the church, is carefully developed. Headship includes the idea of Christ’s authority (1:22; 5:23) and of the submission required of the church (5:24). More is in view than a statement of Christ’s authority. The focus is on the character of Christ’s relationship with the church. Unlike self-seeking human lords (Luke 22:25), Christ exercises His authority for the church (Eph 1:22 NRSV, NIV), nourishing and caring for the church as one cares for one’s own body (5:29). Christ’s

headship also points to the interrelationship of Christ and the church. The mystery of husband and wife becoming “one flesh” is applied to Christ and the church (5:31), which is “the fullness of the One fills all things in every way” (1:23 HCSB). In Col 1:18 the idea of Christ as “head” is again complex, including not only the idea of head as authority but of head as source (1:15-20). The church is called to follow its head and to rest secure in its relationship with Him.

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