Sleepless woman

The land of Palestine, known for its dry climate, had limited rainfall. Moisture for crop production was supplemented by heavy dews (Deuteronomy 33:13).

But every farmer knew that at least two major rainfalls, during the year were essential for crops to grow. The early rain in October and November softened the soil for planting. The latter rain of March and April brought a needed boost for the crops before they ripened fully for the harvest.

James declared that just as farmers waited patiently from the early rain to the latter rain for their crops to mature, so believers must wait patiently for the second coming of Jesus (2 Timothy 4:8).

JAMES 5:7 – The husbandman [former, NIV] . . . hath long patience for it [the harvest], until he receive the early [autumn, NIV] and latter [spring, NIV] rain. 

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