False teachers add or subtract from the Bible. They often have a “revelation” that allegedly supplies new data about divine matters-data that the Bible fails to reveal, so to speak. False teachers devalue the work of Jesus Christ by making Him less than God incarnate.They twist the trust the meaning of His death or reject the truth of His resurrection.

False teachers build small empires around the three tilting towers of phony ministry-money, sex, and power. They scheme to defraud followers of money. They practice immorality and then justify sin from twisted biblical teaching. They manipulate people for selfish ends, proving again the gullibility of the human species.

False teachers cater to popular trends, designing new formulas for happiness and salvation. These formulas often promise prosperity in exchange for financial support, a contract as bogus as buying real estate in the lost city of Atlantis. Yet people still sign on.

False teachers often sound close to Christian teaching, but their mixture of truth and falsehood is hurtful, sometimes deadly. The Christian who wishes to avoid loss is advised to study the scriptures, know the history of the faith, support a sound church, and develop a network of friends whose progress in faith is trustworthy and true.

JUDE 1:8-  Likewise also these filthy dreamers defile the flesh, despise dominion, and speak evil of dignities. 

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