One theme rings throughout this unique Bible book: Falling head over heels in love is fantastic! The pleasure of sexual intercourse is celebrated here in language that leaves no doubt. This book has been interpreted by some as an allegory, devaluing the erotic element in favor of a more vertical meaning (God’s love of Israel, for example). But the plan language of the book is devoted powerfully to celebrating God’s gift of love to a man and woman. So, let’s face it-if you’re going to meet and fall in love, do it this way.

Other important statements in the Bible put this love song in its proper context, faithful monogamous marriage. The Song of Songs is not a license to promiscuous pleasure but an invitation to the romance of two people becoming “united into one” in a life of devotion and tender affection (Genesis 2:24).

Solomon himself got in trouble when he institutionalized promiscuous pleasure in his royal harem (1 Kings 11:3-4). Oddly, he missed the point of this book that bears his name Here’s a vision of romance that feels the magnet of sexual attraction, enjoys each moment, and is utterly fulfilled in its pleasure. Take this book as an example of what Christian marriage should be.

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