Abner’s father and King Saul’s father were brothers. In hope of setting up a family dynasty, Abner served Saul as commander and bodyguard. Ironically, Abner’s first reported acct was presenting to Saul the man who would end that dynasty-David.

After the Philistines killed Saul, Abner backed one of Saul’s sons, Ishbosheth, as the new king. Later, in a battle with David’s forces, the young brother of David’s commander, Joab, chased down Abner. But Abner, a veteran warrior, quickly killed the young man.

Months later, Saul’s son accused Abner of sleeping with one of the royal wives. Furious, Abner stormed off to David and vowed to give the nation to him. Joab derailed these negotiations by murdering Abner to avenge his brother’s death.

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