The Good News that God has for people is all wrapped up in the person, life, and teachings of Jesus Christ. When Jesus started His ministry, He declared that a new time in history had arrived. The God who created this world and all its people was now on the planet in a human body. Knowing that God was not far away or disconnected from this world was good news. In Jesus, we see that God hears our cries and prayers. He knows all about us. We know God loves us and cares for us. We are not alone.

The best part of the Good News is that we can have peace with God despite our sinful nature and behavior. Although it seems too good to be true, God sent Jesus into the world to pay for our sins when He was crucified on to cross. God promises that if we believe on Jesus, we will be given everlasting life (see John 3:16). When we cannot do for ourselves, God has done for us through Jesus. Now, that’s good news!

MARK 1:14- Now after that John was put in prison, Jesus came into Galilee, preaching the gospel of the kingdom of God,

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