Some people quit partway through a candy sale. Some students finish only half their homework. When it comes to bedrooms, some kids give up before everything’s cleansed up. What about digging into the Bible? Isn’t “halfway” good enough for such a big book?

The longest psalm in the Bible, Psalm 119, is about the Bible. The psalmist truly loved God’s Word and obviously applied it to all areas of his life/ Just counting the number of phrases used to name God’s Word in this psalm is a challenge! His confessions show that the writer was not perfect, but his goal was to love all the Bible in all ways. Here are three steps toward a wholehearted devotion to Scripture.


STEP 1: Seek With All Your Heart, Reading the Scriptures seems to be an activity of the mind. But the psalmist knew that the will and the emotions are just as important. You’re not just studying some dusty book-you’re invited to meet the Author. Seek to know him, not just his words.

STEP 2: Get To Know All The Bible, Many parts of the Scriptures are warm and comforting. Other parts are disturbing, annoying, and hard to accept. But the psalmist knew that both the soothing and the warnings come from the same God, who love us. Take your time and dig into both the Old Testament and the New Testament to get the big picture.

STEP 3: Obey God In All Your Life, This passage of Scripture talks about “following its rules” and “walking only in his path.” Even today, God wants us to be and do our best. Obedience to his Word is still the answer.

Read: Psalm 119:1-16


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