KISS- A symbolic act done to various parts of the body, especially cheeks, feet, forehead, and lips (Prov. 24:26). Ideally, a kiss shows a close relationship to another person, although the relationship and purpose may vary greatly. Romantic kisses are mentioned infrequently in the Bible, whether genuinely loving (Song 1:2; 8:1) or seductive (Prov 7:13). The most common type of kiss, however,

was that between relatives (Gen 29:11-13). A kiss could serve either as a greeting (Ex 4:27) or a farewell (Ruth 1:9, 14; Acts 20:37). It could even express one’s anticipation of departure by death (Gen 48:10). The family kiss was extended in the New Testament to apply to the Christian family (1 Cor 16:20; 1 Pet 5:14).

Friends might kiss in greeting (1 Sam 20:41; 2 Sam 19:39), although occasionally such a kiss could be given insincerely (Prov. 27:6). Kissing also has figurative meaning when righteousness and peace are pictured as harmonious friends kissing each other (Ps 85:10). A kiss can also mean betrayal. Judas’ treachery is eternally symbolized by a kiss (Luke 22:47-48).

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