Herod Agrippa II was only seventeen when his father, King Herod Agrippa I died, Emperor Claudius, a close friend of Herod’s father, wanted this young man educated in Rome to assume his father’s throne. But advisers convinced Claudius that the boy was too young. Six years later, in AD 50, Claudius give Herod some territory to rule in what is now Lebanon. Herod later traded that for regions in northern Israel and Syria.

Herod happened to visit Caesarea while Paul was in prison there, just before the apostle sailed to Rome and a trial in Caesar’s court. Herod was intrigued by Paul’s case and asked to hear what the apostle had to say for himself. Paul told his story about seeing Jesus while traveling to Damascus and about prophecies fulfilled by Jesus. When Paul asked if Herod believed the prophets, Herod replied, “Do you think you can make me a Christian so quickly?” (Acts 26:28).

Herod remained loyal to Rome-even when the Jews rebelled in AD 66 and temporarily overpowered Rome’s occupying forces. For his loyalty, Herod received more territory and was allowed to rule until he died in AD 93.

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