God call on Ezekiel’s life and the task given him was based on who God was an God’s hatred of sin. Ezekiel experienced God firsthand, taking in His Word (he ate the scroll given him God) so completely that it was a part of him.

God’s call to repentance and offer of forgiveness (which is the gospel, the story of God’s love for us) is not motivated by audience reaction, but only by God’s love and desire for relationship. Likewise, Ezekiel’s call and ministry were not based on how people would respond, but on knowing the heart of God.

When we know God and His truth, we are responsible to tell others God’s Good News no matter what they think, how they joke, what gossip they spread, or what derision they may initially show. God’s message is for all people, and many people are troublesome. Let the Word itself be your strength.

EZEKIEL 2:3-5And he said unto me, Son of man, I send thee to the children of Israel, to a rebellious nation that hath rebelled against me: they and their fathers have transgressed against me, even unto this very day.

For they are impudent children and stiffhearted. I do send thee unto them; and thou shalt say unto them, Thus saith the Lord God.

And they, whether they will hear, or whether they will forbear, (for they are a rebellious house,) yet shall know that there hath been a prophet among them.

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