When Jacob’s sons learn that their sister, Dinah, had been raped by Shechem, son of Hamor the Hivite, and that Hamor had approached their father to ask for Dinah’s hand in marriage for the offender, they stepped in and gave Shechem a condition-every male must be circumcised so the Shechemites would be like them.

They did, and as they were healing, Levi, the eleventh-born son of Jacob, and his brother Simeon killed every male in the city, taking all of their wealth as well as their women and children (verse 29). In so doing, Jacob feared that Simeon and Levi brought trouble and possible retribution to his household.

Levi reacted to the news of his sister’s rape out of emotion rather than righteousness. Later, on Jacob’s deathbed, he cursed Simeon and Levi’s uncontrolled anger (Genesis 49:5).

Yes God later appointed the tribe of Levi (Numbers 1:50) as His priests-to be set apart for His ministry. No violence or wrongdoing is beyond the redeeming hand of God. If you’re hesitant to believe that an acquaintance with a heinous past can receive divine mercy, consider the tribe of Levi. God is in the business of making all things new.

GENESIS 34:25 NIV-Three days later, while all of them were still in pain, two of Jacob’s sons, Simeon and Levi, Dinah’s brothers, took their swords and attacked the unsuspecting city, killing every male.

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