Noah’s ark was a little longer than a football field (end zones included) and half as wide. Surprisingly, the space inside the ark equaled the storage space of about 370 railroad boxcars.

Ark dimensions: 150 yards long, 25 yards wide, and 15 yards high. A typical cruise ship today would dwarf it, since the ark was only about half the size.

Parked on a football field, the ark would stretch the full one hundred yards, extend through both ten-yard-long end zone, and push another fifteen yards into the stands on each end of the field. Since the ark needed only about half the width of the playing field, you could park two side-by-side. The ark’s roof reached more than twice the height of the goalposts (twenty feet, with the crossbar at ten feet).

Space inside the ark: about 15 million cubic feet. Actually, the ark would have had less storage space because of walls, floors, and support beams.

Was there enough room to store pairs of all the world’s land animals along with food for a year-since the creatures stayed onboard that long? Perhaps, if the Flood covered just the civilized world at the time-which was the Persian Gulf region.

Beyond that, it would have been a tight pack. There are roughly twenty-five thousand species of land animals, not to mention a million or more species of buts (we keep discovering new ones).

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