Lord, I got caught in gossip today. I didn’t mean to though. A group of us were just talking about this and that, and You know how women are. We’re so into relationships and what others are doing.

Before long, the conversation had dug itself a little too deep into someone else’s life. I tried to stop listening but didn’t try hard enough.

By the time we broke up our little gabfest, I felt terribly guilty. Please forgive me, Father. Give me the courage to make the right decision next time; help me refuse to listen to negative stories about those who are not there to defend themselves. In Jesus name, Aman.

EPHESIANS 4:31 – Let all. . .evil speaking be put away from you, with all malice. NKJV


  1. Yes we learned that in Church today. Gossip of folks even it is true is very damaging to the people you are talking about and yourself as well. But listen to this, Gossip that is untrue and even though you believe it to be true is called Slander. Under these conditions gossiper could be brought to trial and possible be in prison. Sad to believe it is so.

  2. Once long ago I used to engage in gossip, and I actually feel ashamed I did not learn sooner, gossip is of the devil, it is fueled usually by people who are not mentally or spiritually engaged in their own lives and they are deeply jealous of people who have original thoughts, self confidence, and do not need to be in clicks, because they like themselves! I even gave an improvised speech condemning the gossip as it is like a cancer! I am proud that gossip is not tolerated in my life because I envy no person, and am engaged in my life and do my utmost as a Zealous Christian to focus on Our savior and seek his will in all my life decisions, and how he wants me to serve and evangelize for him! I am learning so much about my faith as I am learning to turn over the reins of my life , and it is true his plans are better than ours! Gossip is a waste of time and energy and we need to be mindful so we can contribute more in our time, and in serving him and leading others to Christ , we are giving back to him, and that makes Christ and God smile, which is my everyday goal, and I also think we can kick gossip, out of our minds that definitely makes Christ and Our Heavenly Father and Our Lady, Our Holy Mother smile, and really proud that not gossiping is a huge step in maturing Christianity!

    1. I thank you for your story. And I to had a hard time with gossiping. The thing about gossiping is that it is a tricky sin it sneaks up on you and you don’t even realize you’re doing it. but again thank you. I hope your story inspire someone to become a better Christian. God Bless

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