The sex drive also involves the soul. Your soul is composed of your mind, emotions, and will; all three of these are affected by the sex drive. The mind weighs everything that goes into decisions. It considers the facts; it measures the pros and cons; it evaluates your feelings. Some conscious decisions are made about your sexual desires; but sex influences many of your everyday decisions, whether you realize it or not. Your mind acts like a referee in the midst of your will, your emotions, your opinions, and many other competing influences-including your sex drive.

The emotions are very clearly affected by the sex drive. Sexual motives can cause a person to swing from one emotion to another. Perhaps you’ve seen your mate turn from happiness to disappointment, or even to anger, because of a sexual problem between the two of you. It can happen very easily, and you may not discern the reason for the sudden change. At a time like this, you need to have a heart-to-heart talk with your mate to learn what’s behind his or her feelings.

The will is also strongly influenced by the sex drive, the will is your self-guidance system; it asserts what you want to do, regardless of what the mind may objectively tell you to do or what the emotions may try to sway you to do. The sex drive can persuade your will to desire sexual satisfaction.

These three components-the mind, the emotions, and the will-comprise the soul, the element of your nature that gives you your own unique identity. Your soul may be dedicated to God or it may be unregenerate and sinful. Either way, the sex drive influences your soul, and your soul directs how you will use your sex drive.

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