Looking at Genesis 1, were read that God created the heavens and the earth in such a way that they are functional, vibrant, and pulsating with life. On the fifth day, God started forming the creatures that would live on the earth. Then, on the sixth day, he reached the pinnacle of his creative purposes with the creation of humankind.

Important truths arise from this account in Genesis 1:26-28. First, we see the word “us” referring to the triune God: Father, Son and Spirit. The Trinity consists of three individual and unique persons who make up the unified reality of the Godhead. Second, we see the commission of humankind-which is to bear (body, soul, and spirit) to mirror him, and then he established them in the divine institution called family to reproduce his image. Therefore, the goal of people in general-and the family in particular-is to mirror God is the visible realm predicated on his reality in the invisible realm. The family unit is to serve as a visible photograph of God himself.

Simply put, the family’s mission is the replication of the image of God in history and to carry out his divinely mandated dominion (Gen 1:26,28). Personal and familial happiness is to be a benefit of a strong family, but it’s not the mission. The mission is the reflection of God through the advancement of his kingdom and rule on earth. Happiness becomes the natural benefit when this goal is being actualized.

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