Everyone gets scared. Not everybody admits it, of course. It’s natural to feel anxious now and then, especially when you’re going through a tough time or starting something new. How can you face your fears and not let them overwhelm you?

Right after Jesus fed a crowd of five thousand people, he sent his disciples ahead of him across the Sea of Galilee. During the night a storm tossed the boat, and the disciples were afraid for their lives. They were even more afraid when they saw Jesus walking on the water towards them-they thought he was a ghost! Peter wanted proof that soon became frightened of the strong wind and began to sink. “Save me!” he yelled to Jesus, who immediately did just that. When your trust in Jesus seems to be sinking, here are three things to do.

STEP 1. LET YOUR FEARS GO: – Being in a small boat during a stormy night would be frightening to anybody, but concentrating on their fears did the disciples no good. Whatever your situation, thinking about the worst that could happen won’t help you.

STEP 2. HELP YOUR FAITH GROW: – Peter had the right idea- he took actual steps to trust Jesus. Take a small step of faith. Trust God to help you through your situation today. Then ask him again tomorrow.

STEP 3. TELL YOUR DOUBTS “NO!” – The wind blew Peter’s trust out from under him. He began to doubt that Jesus could help him. Your situation might get worse before it gets better, and a little voice of doubts may start to speak to you. Don’t listen to you doubts. Keep trusting Jesus.

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