Nobody like to be punished: Getting grounded or having privileges taken away aren’t on anyone’s list of “Top Ten Ways to Spend My Weekend.” But after some time has gone by, we can usually see that our parents’ discipline is helping us become better people.

How does our heavenly Father look at discipline? The letter to the Hebrews is filled with family images and lessons that can be learned from our relationships with people. In this particular passage, the writer points to what goes on when a father disciplines his child. Just as a good parent corrects a child with one eye on the future, God the Father has good things in mind when he disciplines us. Here are three things to remember when God seems to be coming down hard on you.


Don’t Get Mad:  No child is perfect. We all have needed our parents’ discipline, even when we have gotten angry feelings its sting. The same is true in our relationship with God: He knows we need the discipline.

STEP 2. 

Don’t Get Discouraged: Sometimes kids think, if my mom and dad really loved me, they wouldn’t punish me. But the opposite is true because correct discipline is a sign of love! So don’t think God doesn’t love you when he points out your sins. He loves you very much.


Don’t Forget Its Purpose: Parents have a picture of the kind of kid-and the kind of grown-up-you could become. Their discipline can help you become that person by breaking bad habits or changing wrong behavior. God has a high goal too-helping you develop a pure character.

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