Haste-Extreme hurry

Scriptures on Haste

Genesis 19:22

Exodus 12:11

Mark 6:25

Luke 2:16



Hearken- To pay attention

Scriptures on Hearken

1 Kings 20:8

2 Kings 17:40

Mark 4:3

James 2:5


Heart- The inner self that thinks, feels and decides. in the Bible the word “heart” has a much broader meaning than it does to the modern mind. The heart is that which is central to a person. Nearly all the references to the heart in the Bible refer to some aspect of human personality.

Scriptures on Heart

Psalm 31:24

Matthew 13:15

Luke 6:45

John 14:1


Hearth- A dug-out depression in a house or tent where fires were built for heating or cooking. The smoke from the fire was let out through a hole in the wall, usually translated as “chimney”

Scriptures on Hearth

Hosea 13:3



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