You know you should pray for your church. But where to begin? The building needs a new roof. Vacation Bible School could use more teachers. People get sick and ask for our prayers. What does God want you to pray for?

After seven long years of work, the Temple at Jerusalem was finished. King Solomon assembled God’s people for a dedication ceremony. He prayed and asked God for many things, then he let his concern reach out to all the peoples of the earth. Both the Temple and the people were dedicated that day, and God was greatly honored. Here are three steps to thinking big when it comes to praying.

STEP 1: PRAY FOR YOUR CHURCH’S DAILY NEEDS – Solomon and the Israelites asked God for many everyday things while they built the Temple. The dedication prayer talks about such requests, too. Remember that the God of the universe is ready and willing to help even with the small details of life.

STEP 2: PRAY FOR YOUR CHURCH TO GROW BETTER – When he asked for a blessing on the congregation. King Solomon also called them to live by God’s commands. God wanted them to turn their hears to him and walk in his ways, and that’s what he want today, too. Pray that the people in your church will want to obey God.

STEP 3: PRAY FOR YOUR CHURCH TO GROW BIGGER – The Israelites had many concerns, from day-to-day life to defending their city against enemies. But Solomon wanted more for them and for the world. He wanted God to be praised. In your own prayer time, with your family, and with your friends at church, pray for God’s love to spread to more people in your neighborhood or your school, so more people will praise and worship God.

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