Several Bible passages emphasize a Christian’s preeminent commitment to love-not merely a sentimental, warm feeling, but a choice of the will to put other people’s welfare ahead of one’s own by showing respect, considering their feelings, and praying on their behalf.       Not every Christian will enjoy a warm friendship with every other Christian. Some people will be irritating, quirky, and obnoxious. A few brothers and sisters in Christ will rub us the wrong way. We will always encounter fellow believers with whom our personalities clash. On the other hand, we will “click”- be naturally drawn-to some people. The Christian’s goal is to choose to demonstrate love and concern regardless of warm or distant feelings, regardless of the degree of personality attachment we feel with the other.

Love sees the beauty of people through God’s eyes, even when our own vision is blurred by the other’s apparent ugliness. Love acts to fulfills God’s purpose for the others, even when the other does not seem to deserve it. That’s what God did for us and calls us to do for everyone. The road to reconciliation begins when one party is willing to talk and both are willing to listen. And there’s no reason why you cannot take the lead.

1 JOHN 2:9- He that saith he is in the light, and hateth his brother, is in darkness even until now. 


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