MATTHEW 26:30-46


Friends make promises. Friends also break promises. Whether they tell one of your secrets or fail to do what they say, it can really feel bad. What can you do with the hurt and the disappointment?

Jesus spent the last day before he was crucified with his friends. They even had a final supper together. When Jesus predicted that all twelve disciples would soon desert him, they all promised to stay faithful forever. Peter seemed especially devoted Jesus then asked them to stay awake with him while he prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane, but three times he went back and found them sleeping. He was arrested soon after that, and we know from the rest of the Gospel that the disciples scattered, and Peter even denied that he ever knew Jesus. Here is how Jesus handled it when his friends failed him, and you can follow the same steps.


STEP 1: 

Remember That Friends Are Human – The disciples were tired, so they fell asleep. They were afraid of the authorities, so they lied to save their own lives. Jesus was disappointed-but not shocked-by their responses. Don’t take it personally when your friends are weak and make mistakes; they’re people.



Talk It Over with a Friend – When Jesus found his disciples sleeping, he let them know how he felt. Tell a friend how you feel when he or she hurts you. Find another friend to go to for advice. It usually helps if you don’t keep it all inside.



Consider God Your Best Friend -As the disciples slept, Jesus earnestly and honestly prayed. He knew that his heavenly Father was the only one on whom he could completely depend. Enjoy your friends, but remember that God is the only one who will never let you down.


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