1 SAMUEL 16:1-13 

You see a new worker at work. They have the right clothes, the perfect haircut/hair style, the brand name stuff. They’ll probably be popular, right? But what’s going on inside him/her? Can looks tell us that? God instructed the prophet Samuel to bless the new king, one of the sons of Jesse of Bethlehem. Samuel met the first seven sons. Each one looked

impressive, but God told the prophet that he was interested in the heart-not the height-of the future king. Finally, the youngest, David, was bought in from watching the sheep. The Lord told Samuel, “This is the one!” Here is what we can learn from God’s

STEP 1: LOOK BEYOND WHAT’S OUTSIDE- Eliab, Abinadab, and David’s other brothers were tall and handsome. But all the inches and appealing features in the world could not hide a heart unworthy to be king, and Samuel had to focus on what was important. When you find yourself valuing expensive sneakers or great hair, remember what dazzles God’s eyes.

STEP 2: LOOK AT THE INSIDE- God and Samuel knew that a strong character-including honesty, brave4ry, loyalty, and wisdom-was the mark of a good king. Evidently each of David’s brothers was lacking some important quality needed to lead God’s peple. What qualities do you think God values in you and your friends?

STEP 3: LOOK AT WHAT’S IMPORANT- Seeing each of David’s brothers, Samuel might have been tempted to say, “But God, he looks so much like a king! Couldn’t we overlook his below-average heart?” But God had his own way to choose and would not bend the rules. Good qualitites are good qualities. Look for them regardless of the outside packaging.

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