Matthew 6:9-13 and Luke 11:2-4 

     Jesus’ disciples had seen him pray many times. They must have made the connection between Jesus’ intense prayer life and the power he showed in every aspect of life. Finally, one disciple asked Jesus to teach them how to pray. Jesus gave them a simple, yet powerful, prayer that has come to be known as “The Lord’s Prayer.”

This prayer reveals God’s attributes (characteristics) and includes seven petitions. The two main section of the prayer divide with the words “your” and “us” The first part centers on God. Only by focusing on the patient, loving Father can we find the attitude that puts our own needs in perspective. The second part focuses on our needs-body, soul, and spirit-and the needs of others.


The Lord’s Prayer – Our Father in heaven

God’s Attribute – Fatherly Love

Meaning – God is a loving, compassionate Father who gives life, provides for, and protects those who trust him.

The Lord’s Prayer – Hallowed be your name

God’s Attribute – Holiness

Meaning – To hallow means to make holy. To hallow God’s name means to honor it as holy and sacred.

The Lord’s Prayer – Your kingdom come

God’s Attribute – Sovereignty

Meaning – God has supreme power and authority over everything in heaven and earth.

The Lord’s Prayer – Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven

God’s Attribute – Authority

Meaning – God’s perfect will is always being done in heaven. But on earth, human free will results in evil. we ask that God’s.


The Lord’s Prayer – Give us today our daily bread

God’s Attribute – Providence

Meaning – God is able to provide for all our needs. The Greek word for bread represents not just food, but every physical thing we need.

The Lord’s Prayer – And forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors

God’s Attribute – Mercy

Meaning – We ask God to forgive the wrong we have done. God will forgive us only as much as we forgive those who have injured us. God is merciful and he expects us be also

The Lord’s Prayer – And lead us not into temptation

God’s Attribute – Protection

Meaning – We pray for protection from all things that trip us up and undo us. The Holy Spirit gives us strength to withstand temptation

The Lord’s Prayer – But deliver us from the evil one

God’s Attribute – Deliverance

Meaning – God’s deliverance from enemies is a legitimate concern. We can be confident in our prayers for deliverance because we are more than conquerors though Christ.

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