Do you know someone whose parents are getting divorced? Has a friend been in an accident? Has a relative ever been really sick? You want to help, but visiting a hospital or just being with the person can feel uncomfortable. What do we say? How can we show we care? Job had more things happen than most people could imagine. Within a sort

time, his children were killed, his property and animals were destroyed, and painful sores appeared all over his body. His wife told him he should just curse God and die. Three friends, however, came to comfort him. Here are some ways we can reach out to someone in need.


  1. Be There      When Job’s friends heard what had happened to him, they arranged to meet and then traveled some distance to visit him-all before the age of telephones and modern transportation! When a friend or family member needs you, try to be there. Don’t let him or her face the pain alone, even if it’s inconvenient for you.
  2. Be Quiet     Evidently Job’s wife was upset with God and showed her anger by giving bad advice to her husband. But the trio of friends-at least at the start of their visit-had the right idea. They cried, but then they kept silent for seven days. Your friends or relative just needs you to be there-not to give a lot of advice. Listen. Feel the pain. Then listen some more.
  3. Be a Friend     Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar were Job’s friends before all the trouble started. They remained friends afterwards. Don’t let a person’s problems or appearance make you forget what he or she means to you.


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