TEACHING ABOUT GOD – The first Gospel shows God in action, taking the initiative in fulfilling the Scriptures about the coming Messiah. It teaches about the Trinity, and it contributes greatly to the Christian understanding of the deity of Christ. Jesus’ constant reference to Himself as the Son of Man plays a key role in understanding Jesus’ earthly mission.

TEACHING ABOUT HUMANITY – The author documented the sinfulness of humans in stark terms: Both Jews and Romans were responsible for Jesus’ crucifixion. Yet he also showed that humans committed to following Jesus can accomplish great good. Matthew noted the importance of people putting faith in Jesus; he also showed Jesus’ criticism of those with little faith.

TEACHING ABOUT SALVATION – Salvation is presented mainly in terms of belonging to the kingdom of God that arrived in a fresh way in the person of Jesus (12:28). The death and resurrection of Jesus were the divine means by which God provided salvation. Although Jesus took the message of the kingdom only to Jews during His lifetime, His last act in this Gospel was to commission His followers to go to Gentiles (“all nations”) as well (28:18-20).

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