beating-of-your-lifeTHE BEATING

  • Victim is stripped and tied to a pole.
  • Shards of metal and bone are laced into the leather whip.
  • Romans aren’t limited to 40 strokes, as are the Jews.
  • Pain and blood loss set stage for shock.

424de05a6d2ffb9e34eeaddade2816e5DEAD MAN WALKING

  • Victim carries crossbeam to execution site.
  • Crossbeam is attached to vertical pole.
  • Seat prolongs the torture, making it easier to breath.


  • Iron nails pin hands and feet to cross.
  • Nails miss main arteries and bones.
  • Wine laced with painkilling myrrh or frankincense is offered. Jesus refuses.



  • Position and weight of body forces victim to push up to exhale.
  • Breaking legs speeds death. It forces arms to do all the work, pulling victim up to exhale.
  • Jesus dies before breaking the legs becomes necessary.




  • Soldier confirms death by stabbing the heart.
  • By this time, shock has started separating blood into two basic elements: cell clusters and amber-colored serum.
  • “Water” pours out of Jesus’ chest-serum from inside and around the heart.
  • Possible cause of death: a combination of shock, exhaustion, asphyxiation, and heart failure.



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