Taking on a big responsibility can be scary. You’re doing something new, and you’re not sure how you will do. But tackling responsibilities is how we grow up. whether it’s being captain of a sports team or leading a project at church, the challenge of responsibility is waiting for you. After Moses died, God wanted Joshua to be the new leader of the Israelites. Moses had been quite a leader, and Joshua wondered if he was

good enough to take over the job. He had a few worries and lots of questions, so God gave him both encouragement and advice. Joshua listened and obeyed. He became one of the great leaders of God’s people, who took them into the Promised Land. Here’s what to do when you tackle a new job.


Find Out More: Joshua probably wondered what he was getting into-and God told him. Joshua learned about the territory they were about to enter and how he was to lead his people in godliness as well. When you are faced with a new responsibility, find out all you can about it.


Connect With Others: God gave instructions to one person, but he wanted his people to pull together to follow his guidance. Joshua had learned from Moses’ example-he asked the leaders of each tribe to help get the job done. As you start a new project or responsibility, reach out to get others involved.


Trust God:  Joshua could have felt like the loneliest guy on earth, about to start the hardest job on earth. But he had God’s promises and strength to learn on. You have the same God to give you advice and encouragement.




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