Having friends is great. There’s so much to share-books, music, sports, complaints about parents, even clothes. How much do you share your faith with your friends? Do they know how much you care about God? When Jesus called his first followers, he didn’t place an ad in the local newspaper or hire an employment agency. He simply asked

people to be with Him-then they told others, and curiosity took over. Andrew met Jesus and then immediately told his brother, Simon Peter, all about it. After Philip “signed up” when Jesus, he urged his friend Nathanael to “come and see” the Lord. Here are three methods that the first believers used to tell their friends and family about Jesus.

STEP 1: Find Others

The first disciples didn’t retreat to a cave after they met the Lord. They let their excitement about their discovery move them to find people to tell. Ask God to show you who’s ready to hear about Jesus, then reach out in friendship.

STEP 2: Tell Others

Andrew didn’t wait for the perfect moment or a script from heaven to tell his brothers about Jesus. He just told him. If you care about your friend or relative, the words will come if you just be yourself.

STEP 3: Show Others

Philip encouraged Nathanael to meet Jesus for himself. You can do the same. Introduce one friend to another Friend.

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