Mesopotamia, Greek

“between the rivers”

First mention: Acts 2:9

Human civilization got its start on a fertile, eight-hundred-mile-long stretch of land extending from the Persian Gulf north through Iraq and into parts of Syria and Turkey. Greeks called it Mesopotamia because most of this land fell “between the rivers” of the Tigris in the east and the Euphrates in the west.

Abraham came from there-from Ur, a city on the west bank of the Euphrates in Southern Iraq, just across the river from the modern town of Nasiriya. Assyrians built their capital of Nineveh in Mesopotamia, near the Iraqi city of Mosul. Babylonians built Babylon there, some fifty miles south of Baghdad. And Persians built Susa there, about 150 miles north of the Persian Gulf.


(Who’s Who and Where’s Where In the Bible pg258)

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