A missionary gives an inspiring presentation at church. Mother Teresa’s unselfish work with the poor of India is described on television. A preacher’s sermon moves the congregation to tears. You think to yourself, These people are God’s special servants. Could he ever use a plain old regular person like me? Isaiah was a scribe in the royal palace at

Jerusalem. While he was in the Temple one day, Isaiah saw a powerful vision of God that made him recognize his own sinfulness. God then asked who could be his messenger. Isaiah answered, “Lord, I’ll go! Send me.” Because he was willing to serve God, he became a great prophet. Here are the three steps that Isaiah took, which we can take too.

STEP 1.  Be Humble 

Isaiah was overwhelmed by the holiness and glory of God. As a result, he confessed that he and his people were lost and unclean. We don’t need a special vision to know that we, too, are sinful and lost without God.

STEP 2. Be Forgiven

After the confession, one of the angels held a burning coal to Isaiah’s lips as a symbol of forgiveness. You can be confident of God’s forgiveness. He doesnt’ want you to be lost and unclean-he wants you to be found and cleansed. 

STEP 3. Be Bold

Once his sins were forgiven, Isaiah immediately answered God’s call. Be listening and ready for whatever work God has for you to do. Remember, those who serve God aren’t perfect people or special superstars. They are his children-just like you-who said yet to a new challenge.


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