Personal name meaning “mighty” or “swarthy” or black.” The second son of Ishmael and a grandson of Abraham (Gen 25:13; 1 Chron 1:29). The name occurs later in the Bible presumably as a reference to a tribe that took its name form Kedar. Little concrete information is known about the group, however. Apparently the descendants of Kedar occupied the area south of Palestine and east of Egypt (Gen 25:18). They may best be described as nomadic, living in tents (Psa 120:5; Song 1:5) and raising sheep and goats (Isa 60:7; Jer 49:28-29,32), as well as camels, which they sold as fare away as Tyre (Ezek 27:21).

The Kedarites were led by princes (Ezek 27:21) and were famous for their warriors, particularly their archers (Isa 21:17). They evidently were of some importance during the time of Isaiah (Isa 21:16).

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