Daily Archives: May 26, 2021


I’m sure you’ve noticed that we have not posted anything so far this week. Well that is due to our team making the site better for you. New things will be coming your way soon. What are these new things you ask?

Jesusway4you will have a new look, and a new style. We will beging making videos, study tools, and templates for you to use and enjoy. Our goal here at jesusway4you is to help you understand and learn the bible rightly. God tells us that we should rightly divide the word of truth. And we’re here to make sure you do just that. We will also give you alot of FREE material for you to also enjoy. So stick around we’ve just begun. To keep up with everything were doing make sure to sign-up to our email list. Also feel free to purchase our new study lesson different kinds of sin and if you just missing our amazing work then just check out our over 800 post that we’ve worked so hard to put up for you. God Bless