Rocks are inert, lifeless, and speechless. Rocks cannot respond to human sympathy, cannot shape themselves into anything useful, and eventually erode into gravel. Is this what God is like?

Obviously, any metaphor from nature can never be completely descriptive of the sovereign God. in this case, David’s life seemed to be crumbling around him, his kingdom was in shambles, his army was confused, and his priests were divided. Indeed, his own family was against him. In the face of this chaos, perhaps the stability and weightiness of rocks was exactly the picture that David needed to assure himself of God’s unchanging, stable love.

Build a fortress out of rock and it will last a long time. Carve a message on rock and many rains won’t wash away its words. God’s love sense, comparing God to rock seemed like just the assurance he needed. Praise God for the imagination to find spiritual meaning in the humblest of God’s creative works.

Scriptures related to God as The Rock.

Psalm 18:2

1 Corinthians 10:4

Matthew 7:24

Exodus 17:6

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